Simpli Manufacturing Facility

El Paso, Texas

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Inspire healthy habits that ultimately have a positive impact on the health of humanity.


Create high performance products through innovation and operational excellence.


Build strong 
customer partnerships 
and consumer loyalty.

Our Story…

In 2003, Matt Lowe founded DCS as a solution to support the transportation needs for healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, and the environmental industry. Currently, DCS employs over 800 transportation experts across the United States and is dedicated to serving their customers needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Through Matt’s organizational leadership and customer centric approach, DCS has delivered 87% revenue growth in the last 5 years and is projecting another 24% growth in 2021. 


In 2015, MBS “Medical Biowaste Solutions” was formed by Sean Ahmed, Diana Vizcarra, and Matt Lowe as another solution for healthcare organizations to reduce their transportation and disposal cost. MBS has been extremely successful and has expanded their reach to over 300 customers and continues to see growth each month.  Another great example of successful entrepreneurship. 


In 2020, Matt, Diana, and Sean began to see a change in their customer needs due to the healthcare crisis of the COVID 19 Pandemic. At the same time, they were concerned for the health of their family, friends, employees, and community. Inspired to create a solution they shifted their focus to developing products that would help reduce the spread of COVID 19 and other harmful viruses. From that inspiration, the Simpli Brand Company was formed with a strategy built on creating effective products.  This year we launched the EPA APPROVED Simpli Germicidal, Disinfecting, and Antibacterial Wipes  designed to meet the needs of the healthcare industry, food service, and retail channels. The Simpli Brand Company will continue to inspire healthy habits that ultimately have a positive impact on humanity.